Agrivida starts field trials for in-corn enzymes

June 6, 2012 |

In Massachusetts, Agrivida has launched its first significant field production of research materials in  USDA-permitted field trials.

“Agrivida has created a proprietary INzyme molecular engineering technology that allows the renewable chemicals, fuels and other industries to grow a substrate of non-food energy crops that contain dormant enzymes, “said Agrivida’s Dr. Michael Lanahan.  “These enzymes accumulate in the energy crop—which can be corn stover or other grains or plants—and are then activated during processing. This approach adds significant value by greatly reducing pretreatment energy and chemical costs normally associated with glucose conversion.”  Agrivida’s engineered energy crops and proprietary low temperature, low cost processes release over 80 percent theoretical glucose yield from cellulosic biomass. Materials from these trials, said Dr. Lanahan, will be used in larger-scale application trials to refine both field performance and processing characteristics of Agrivida modified feedstocks.

In related news, Agrivida was recognized by the University of Connecticut (UConn) as an “Technology Incubation Company Program of Distinction” for its work and investment at the University.

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