Lallemand, Mascoma launch TransFerm branded drop-in substitute for conventional fermenting yeast

June 6, 2012 |

In Wisconsin, Lallemand Ethanol Technology and Mascoma Corporation, announced that the Mascoma Grain Technology (MGT) yeast product will be marketed under the commercial name TransFerm for use by the fuel ethanol industry.

TransFerm, is manufactured and distributed by Lallemand and jointly marketed and sold by Mascoma and Lallemand through an exclusive partnership. TransFerm has been used in the production of over an estimated 50 million gallons of ethanol in both commercial use and commercial-scale trials by nine corn ethanol producers.

TransFerm, which is the first commercial application of Mascoma’s proprietary consolidated bioprocessing (CBP) technology platform, is a bioengineered drop-in substitute for conventional fermenting yeast that lowers costs for corn ethanol producers by alleviating the need to purchase a significant amount of the expensive enzymes currently used in corn ethanol production.

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