Cleanstar cannot keep up with Mozambican demand for ethanol cookstoves

June 11, 2012 |

In Mozambique, the Cleanstar project led by Danish biotech company Novozymes, is making traction to supply ethanol stoves and fuel to the local market. Due to the project’s popularity, Cleanstar says they cannot keep up with demand. In the first month, approximately 200 stoves were sold and another 3,000 are on order.

Mozambican farmers sell surplus cassava that is converted to ethanol at a new facility near the central port city of Beira. The fuel is then shipped to the capital of Maputo, where Cleanstar sells the stoves. Simple, clean and compact, the appliance designed by Swedish company Dometic looks rather like a camping stove but does not produce smoke.

Cleanstar hopes to capture a sizeable portion of Maputo’s $153 million per year charcoal market, as ethanol sells at approximately the same price as charcoal, which has doubled in the past three years.

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