Blue Sugars projects 50 cent/liter sugarcane cellulosic ethanol by 2015

June 29, 2012 |

In Brazil and South Dakota, KL Energy changed its name to Blue Sugars, following extension of its long-term co-development agreement for cellulosic ethanol with Petrobras. Company CEO Peter Gross noted that the company’s scale-up factor from our demo plant to full-sized industrial units is in the range of 10-15, and that Petrobras is already working on its first industrial cellulosic ethanol plant slated for start-up in 2015, after licensing Blue Sugar’s technology for use in its Brazilian sugarcane mills.

“Blue Sugars is the globally first and to date only company to produce ethanol from sugarcane bagasse [and] register cellulosic ethanol RIN credits with the EPA,” Gross added. Last week, Petrobras fueled a fleet of minivans servicing the Rio+20 conference with the cellulosic ethanol produced from sugarcane bagasse by Blue Sugars, which has installed another process upgrade and has restarted its demonstration plant utilizing sugarcane bagasse.”

Gross told Bloomberg, in a report published yesterday, that it expects to produce cellulosic ethanol from bagasse at a cost of 40-50 cents per liter, and will supply technology to three Brazilian mills, by 2015.

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