GoldRIN announces “comprehensive solution to RIN fraud”.

August 24, 2012 |

In Texas, GoldRIN announced its GoldRIN Integrity Program, a cradle‐to‐grave Biodiesel

RIN authentication and verification program, together with a $100 million insured indemnity to reimburse Obligated Parties for costs incurred should any of the “GoldRIN’sSM” they purchase on the GoldRIN Exchange (“GOREXTM”) prove to be defective or fraudulent.

The GoldRIN Integrity Program includes on‐site audits conducted by Turner Mason & Company, RIN Management and continuous auditing conducted by EcoEngineers, the GoldRIN Exchange platform, provided by RTS Group of Chicago, IL, and a $100 million Biodiesel RIN Authentication and Verification insurance policy created by GoldRIN, LLC and placed by Aon.

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