The next US Secretary of Energy

November 12, 2012 |

In Washington, rumors abound that US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu may step aside shortly for a new Secretary – with President Obama seeking a number of cabinet-level changes to inject fresh faces and thinking into his Administration as he heads into his second presidential term.

Are the rumors true? Only time will tell – but it hasn’t stopped the assemblage of “short lists” for Secretary Chu’s successor.

The Polls are Open – Make Your Pick

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Your job? To make your pick. Our job? To ensure that your voice is heard in the corridors of power.

Our top recommendation? We cheerfully recommend for your consideration former supreme NATO Commander Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.). He’s been working on energy security issues since the days of the Nixon Administration, knows the players and the landscape in conventional and renewable fuels, knows DC, and has the demonstrated experience in command to get things done. We also recommend Heather Zichal, Chad Holliday, Tom Daschle and Chris Gregoire for your consideration – proven talents, all.

Who’s tipped to succeed?

So far, no one with much direct experience in biofuels or even conventional oil & gas – rather, a who’s who of Washington insiders, and several outsiders with experience and interest in electric power generation.

According to polls, the primary energy issue in the country today is the potential for independence of Middle Eastern oil – through some combination of of unconventional fossil fuels and the advent of renewable fuels. Will a Secretary be appointed with experience in the subject?

The Digest’s Take

The electric power and oil & gas industry will doubtless rally their considerable forces around preferred candidates. But if the biofuels industry is to have any hope of securing a secretary grounded in its issues – now is the time to rally around a preferred candidate.

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