Biofuels Digest’s 2012 New Feedstock Award: Chromatin, grain sorghum

December 31, 2012 |

BD-2012-AwardsOne of the trends we identified for 2013 – corn ethanol producers moving away from corn. Here’s one of the reasons why. Earlier this month, Chromatin announced it has generated the first crop of sorghum that has been grown and used for ethanol production by Pacific Ethanol, Inc.

This achievement paves the way for future opportunities to use locally grown sorghum as a versatile and resilient crop that is a more energy efficient and lower cost alternative to corn. Sorghum accounted for about 30% of Pacific Ethanol’s feedstock at the Stockton plant during the third quarter.

READ MORE: All about the feedstock, here.

The Complete 2012 Biofuels Digest Awards

Best Project – Thermochemical
Best Project – Fermentation
Best Project – Hybrid
Best Project (demonstration)
Best Project (pilot)

Best Technology Extension
Best New Fuel
Best Retrofit
Process Improvement
Pretreatment Technology

Yield Improvement
Industrial Symbiosis
New Trait
New Feedstock
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Consumer Product of the Year (biobased)
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Special Editor’s Award – Comeback of the year

Special Editor’s Award – Sustainable technology
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