BioGasol delivers first CarboFrac units to Sweetwater Energy

April 18, 2013 |

In Washington DC, at the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, Sweetwater Energy announed that BioGasol completed delivery of its first commercial biomass pretreatment system.

The cellulosic sugar producer will use the unit, a Carbofrac 10, in its demonstration facility to produce pretreated biomass for use in downstream processes.

BioGasol’s reactor design allows for the cost efficient and highly controlled conversion of lignocellulosic materials, such as agricultural waste and wood, into replacements for conventional fuel and other oil-based materials – specifically, highly fermentable sugars suitable for producing bioethanol, bioplastics and biochemicals.

Its Carbofrac line of pretreatment systems has a small footprint, high throughput-to-weight ratio and superior control of the pretreatment process, maximising yield while limiting production of inhibitors.

Anders Weber, CEO of BioGasol, commented: “Shipping our first commercial pretreatment system is a huge milestone for us. The delivery of this Carbofrac™ unit within the agreed timelines shows not only that BioGasol is an innovative equipment developer but also effective at engineering and manufacturing its products. We are confident that our partnership with Sweetwater will continue to be a fruitful collaboration and that we will soon be shipping progressively larger reactors with our advanced pretreatment technology.”

Chairman and CEO of Sweetwater Energy, Arunas Chesonis, added: “BioGasol’s Carbofrac™ pretreatment reactors provide the ideal platform for producing cellulosic biofuels. Acquiring this unit, capable of processing 100kg of dry biomass per hour, will bolster our biofuel production capacity and allow us to test and optimise the biomass pretreatment processes in Sweetwater’s demonstration facility.”

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