The Hottest Partners in Biofuels and BioBased Products 2013 – voting opens

May 21, 2013 |

Hot-Partners-logoBuilding your supply chain? In the bio-based world, that means partners, and plenty of them. Who are the best?

Behind the 50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy, and the 30 Hottest Companies in Renewable Chemicals & Materials, there are a lot of partners adding value and driving down costs. For quite some time, we’ve been recognizing hot companies, but never doing enough to recognize the partners that make bio-based companies strong and enduring.

But network with whom, and why? Who’s the hottest? That’s what the Hottest Partners in Bioenergy and Bio-based Products rankings are all about.

Now, with Categories

By popular demand, with this set of rankings, we are introducing Categories – winners will be ranked within their category rather than in an overall (e.g. Top 40) style.

Voting now through June 14th

Voting will commence today, and will continue through Friday June 14 at 5pm EDT.

Voting is open to all Digest subscribers – one vote per subscriber. To subscribe to the Digest, click here.

Our criteria? “Hot” partners are those which, In your judgement, have the optimal combination of visibility and credibility – in developing and providing their respective services — and the extent to which you believe this partnership has a transformative impact on biofuels and renewable chemicals producers.

Categories include

Engineering, procurement & construction
Enzymes, yeasts & sugars
Feedstocks (energy crops)
Feedstocks (gases and residues)
Finance (early-stage)
Finance (commercialization)
Lab services
Pretreatment systems
Professional counselors & consultants (legal, finance, etc)
Separation, microharvest, informatics & catalysis systems and services
Processing systems and services
Vehicle & vehicular equipment systems
R&D Partners
Strategic customers (fuels)
Strategic customers (bio-based products)


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