Aemetis achieves milestone toward advanced biofuels at California plant

June 5, 2013 |

In California, Aemetis announced that it’s 60 million gallon per year Keyes, California plant had commenced the high-volume production of lower-carbon ethanol using grain sorghum feedstock and a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system in an integrated process with traditional feedstocks.

In December 2012, the EPA approved the combined use of grain sorghum and biogas with a CHP system to produce lower-carbon biofuel to qualify as an advanced biofuel. Advanced Biofuels generate D5 Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN’s) under the Renewable Fuel Standard administered by the EPA. When EPA registration is approved, Aemetis will be permitted to produce D5-qualified advanced biofuels by procuring biogas via contract, while making no additional operational changes.

Aemetis Chairman and CEO Eric McAfee stated, “The production of advanced biofuels through the conversion of a corn ethanol facility to lower-carbon biofuels is an important milestone. Processing grain sorghum is the first step in lowering the carbon content of our fuel, with our CHP system providing the ability to utilize biogas to produce electricity at any time. The successful conversion of the Keyes plant to a multi-feedstock facility provides greater operational flexibility and maximizes cash flow.”

Aemetis is in process with the EPA to become registered as an Advanced Biofuels Producer, after which Aemetis plans to procure biogas when market conditions are favorable to produce advanced biofuels. By successfully processing large quantities of grain sorghum while maintaining the ability to utilize traditional feedstocks, Aemetis is now positioned to produce advanced biofuels when EPA approval is granted without impacting ongoing plant operations.

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