The 200 Top Moments in Aviation Biofuels, 2006-2013: A timeline

June 21, 2013 |

Here are the 200 Top Moments in Aviation Biofuels, 2006-2013, organized in a timeline, as reported through the years by Biofuels Digest.


1 Civil Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative formed 12/1/06
2 TEST FLIGHT: Virgin Atlantic 2/24/08
3 Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group formed 9/15/08
4 TEST FLIGHT: Air New Zealand 12/30/08
5 TEST FLIGHT: Continental Airlines 1/7/09
6 TEST FLIGHT: Japan Airlines 1/30/09
7 TEST FLIGHT: KLM 11/23/09
8 British Airways to construct 19 Mgy aviation biofuels plant in UK 2/15/10
9 Europe’s AeroSpace and Defence Industries chief says jatropha, camelina most promising near-term biofuels 2/19/10
10 ClearFuels announces 16 Mgy synthetic jet fuel, renewable diesel plant project in Tennessee 2/25/10
11 Honeywell’s UOP nabs $1.5 million from DOE for carbon capture, algae, pyrolysis R&D 3/3/10
12 “Review of the potential for biofuels in aviation” published in UK 3/4/10
13 Defense Energy Support Center and Air Transport Association of America sign strategic alliance to advance aviation biofuels 3/19/10
14 KLM to start commercial use of aviation biofuels in 2011 3/19/10
15 EADS CTO says generating 15 percent of aviation fuel from algae by 2030 is Airbus goal 3/22/10
16 TEST FLIGHT: U.S. Air Force A10 Thunderbolt II 3/25/10
17 Great Plains, Accelergy partner to produce renewable jet fuel from coal, biomass 3/26/10
18 TEST FLIGHT: U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet 4/22/10
19 Shock wave: Camelina biofuels break sound barrier in Navy F-18 trial 4/23/10
20 Air Transport Association, US Department of Defense partner for aviation biofuels 4/29/10
21 United completes biofuels test flight using Rentech synthetic fuel 5/3/10
22 Honeywell UOP exec Holmgren nabs CAAFI Leadership Award for aviation biofuels 5/3/10
23 Australia update: Queensland premier awards grants to Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative, High Efficiency Microalgal Biofuel System Project 5/5/10
24 Lufthansa confirms it will deploy biofuels commercially in 2012 5/10/10
25 10 organizations form Brazilian Alliance for Aviation Biofuels 5/11/10
26 Diesel-powered helicopter debuts in Australia; biofuels-ready, say developers 5/12/10
27 South Africans develop biofuels-ready general aviation engine 5/18/10
28 Algal Biomass Organization issues call for abstracts for September 2010 summit 5/25/10
29 Air China to test jatropha-based aviation biofuels 5/27/10
30 EADS to demo all-algae fuel for aviation biofuels in trial flight 6/9/10
31 TEST FLIGHT: Royal Netherlands Air Force 6/16/10
32 Aviation algae in Brazil? EADS, BioCombustibles del Chubut partner in project 6/18/10
33 DoD seeking commercial quantities of aviation, marine biofuels: RFI issued 6/28/10
34 EADS and BioCombustibles del Chubut to evaluate their potential for algae-based biofuel 7/6/10
35 Evogene’s biojet fuel mets key international standards 7/7/10
36 Jatoil commences commercial shipments of jatropha oil 7/9/10
37 Alaska Airlines, Boeing, WSU, airports form “Sustainable Aviation Fuels Northwest” project 7/13/10
38 Bombardier to test camelina aviation biofuels in Q400 aircraft 7/22/10
39 Solana to name site for 16 Mgy waste-to-jet fuel plant in UK 8/4/10
40 Garuda says commencing transition to aviation biofuels 8/9/10
41 Evogene lifts revenues, demonstrates castor-based jet fuel 8/13/10
42 TEST FLIGHT: Air Force C-17 Globemaster III 8/27/10
43 Aviation speed record will utilize Swift aviation biofuel 8/31/10
44 US Air Force tests aviation biofuels on C-17 Globemaster 9/2/10
45 Adept Airmotive debuts general aviation engine for biofuels, LPG 9/16/10
46 British Airways, Airbus, Finnair partner to produce commercial-scale algal aviation biofuels by 2013 9/20/10
47 Vilsack announces funding for 5 new biorefineries, FAA partnership, among major new bioenergy measures 10/22/10
48 TEST FLIGHT: Air Force F-15 Eagle 10/22/10
49 TEST FLIGHT: Navy Riverine Command Boat (RCB-X) 10/22/10
50 LanzaTech gets DOE OK on alcohol-to-jet fuel R&D 11/18/10
51 TEST FLIGHT: Navy MH-60S Seahawk 11/19/10
52 TEST FLIGHT: TAM 11/23/10
53 TAM successfully trials jatropha-based aviation biofuel 11/24/10
54 BREAKING NEWS: Lufthansa to commence 6-month aviation biofuel trial on commercial routes 11/29/10
55 Final score: camelina aviation fuel reduces emssions by 75 percent 12/2/10
56 Airbus, TAM, Curcas, Ecodiesel partner in jatropha jet fuel project in Brazil 12/10/10
57 Massive algae-powered airship moves to NASA’s Ames Research Center 12/13/10
58 Finnair will use Neste’s aviation biofuels as soon as Bio-SPK fuel spec approved 12/15/10
59 Qantas, Solena Group to partner in aviation biofuels effort 1/3/11
60 F-15 Eagle completes aviation biofuesl test flight; F-119 next 1/10/11
61 Qantas to sign LOI for algae-based aviation biofuel 1/20/11
62 Masdar, Boeing, Etihad, UOP complete seawater biofuels feasibility 1/21/11
63 DEC, JFI partner on jatropha-based aviation biofuels in Indonesia 1/26/11
64 Alitalia signs with Solena for MSW-to-aviation fuels project 2/8/11
65 Solazyme, Qantas sign aviation biofuels development partnership 2/11/11
66 Qantas says negotiating with two other providers for aviation biofuels 3/8/11
67 Lufthansa Cargo in six-month aviation biofuels trial 3/9/11
68 EC sets aviation carbon limit at 213MT for 2012 3/9/11
69 TEST FLIGHT: Air Force F-22 Raptor 3/18/11
70 TEST FLIGHT: Interjet 4/1/11
71 BioJet, Abundant merge in jatropha aviation biofuels landmark 5/3/11
72 Ontario backs Rentech for biggest renewable jet fuel project yet; can the US catch up? 5/9/11
73 TEST FLIGHT: Air Force Thunderbirds F-16 5/20/11
74 20 German organizations launch aviation biofuels initiative 6/8/11
75 DOE awards $36M to six projects for drop-in fuels, chemicals 6/13/11
76 ASTM approves HEFA fuels spec 6/13/11
77 IATA says too soon for aviation biofuels at scale; aims for 6% switch by 2020 6/13/11
78 TEST FLIGHT: Gulfstream G450 Transatlantic Flight 6/17/11
79 TEST FLIGHT: Boeing 747-800 6/19/11
80 Le Bourget biofuels: Honeywell, Boeing complete transatlantic biofuels fly-ins, as Paris Air Show opens 6/20/11
81 Solazyme algae fuel completes US Navy helicopter trial 6/21/11
82 TEST FLIGHT: Navy MH-60S Seahawk 6/21/11
83 KLM commences commercial aviation biofuels flights 6/30/11
84 UK first: Thomson to fly Birmingham-Palma service using aviation biofuels 7/4/11
85 Biojet offers renewable jet fuel at $2.97 per gallon 7/6/11
86 Virgin, Dynamotive to launch Aussie jet fuel demonstration plant, using eucalyptus 7/6/11
87 Commercial service, on aviation biofuels, comes to Mexico 7/22/11
88 TEST FLIGHT: Aeromexico 1st Commercial Passenger Transatlantic Flight 8/1/11
89 US Government to invest $510M in advanced, drop-in biofuels 8/16/11
90 TEST FLIGHT: Navy T-45 “Goshawk“ Trainer 8/24/11
91 Camelina-powered flight hits 25,000 feet in Marine helicopter 8/29/11
92 GE joins Australian aviation biofuels consortium 9/5/11
93 Embraer 170 jet biofuels trials successfully completed 9/9/11
94 Lufthansa sources 200 tons of jatropha oil from Jatenergy 9/13/11
95 SG Biofuels heads for Brazil in jatropha for jets deal 9/14/11
96 US, Australia sign key aviation biofuels accord 9/19/11
97 Navy’s electronic warfare Prowler flies on biofuels 9/20/11
98 TEST FLIGHT: Navy AV-8B Harrier 9/23/11
99 USDA awards $136M for advanced biofuels 9/28/11
100 TEST FLIGHT: Navy Fire Scout Unmanned Vehicle 9/30/11
101 TEST FLIGHT: Aeromexico Weekly Passenger Flight from Mexico City to Costa Rica – began 10/1/11
102 TEST FLIGHT: Iberia 10/3/11
103 US Navy completes biofuels test for unmanned MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopter 10/4/11
104 Thomson Airways to test flights using waste cooking oil biofuels 10/5/11
105 Solena, SAS partner for aviation biofuels project at Stockholm Airport 10/11/11
106 Virgin Atlantic, LanzaTech partner for aviation biofuels in India, China 10/11/11
107 Air China joins Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group 10/12/11
108 Air France runs first biofuel-powered passenger flight 10/24/11
109 Air China to trial aviation biofuels in 747 10/28/11
110 Boeing, Embraer hook up for aviation biofuels R&D 10/28/11
111 TEST FLIGHT: Air China 10/28/11
112 Air China, Boeing complete successful aviation biofuels trial, first in China 11/1/11
113 United Airlines to operate first US commercial flight on (Solazyme) aviation biofuels 11/5/11
114 Race for scale: United, Alaska Airlines launch commercial aviation biofuels flights 11/7/11
115 TEST FLIGHT: United Airlines 11/7/11
116 Epic Aviation, SkyNRG to supply sustainable biojet fuel in US,  11/10/11
117 Boeing, Hawai’i BioEnergy sign aviation biofuels feedstock R&D pact 11/11/11
118 Qantas, Solazyme to launch biofuels flights in 2012 11/14/11
119 Aeromexico using aviation biofuels for Mexico-Costa Rica route 11/14/11
120 TEST FLIGHT: Navy Destroyer U.S.S. Paul H. Foster 11/18/11
121 FAA awards 8 key grants to catalyze renewable jet fuel 12/2/11
122 Solazyme, Dynamic Fuels score big US Navy aviation fuel contracts 12/6/11
123 TEST FLIGHT: Navy LCAC 91 Amphibious Transport Vehicle 12/7/11
124 Byogy Renewables seeks $30M for alcohol-to-jet commercialization, certification 12/8/11
125 American Airlines to commence biofuels flights in 2012 12/8/11
126 Thai Airways to launch biofuels-based 777 service 12/13/11
127 Licella, Air NZ, Virgin, Norske Skog ink pacts to develop aviation fuels from bio-oil 12/14/11
128 Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Center opens, aims for algal aviation fuels 12/14/11
129 First aviation biofuels passenger flight in Asia: SkyNRG, Thai partner 12/22/11
130 Algae.Tec, Lufthansa ink R&D pact for aviation biofuels 12/22/11
131 LanzaTech sets up in India for partnership with IndianOil 1/2/12
132 BioJet, Council of Energy Resource Tribes form strategic partnership for aviation biofuels 1/11/12
133 Lufthansa ends aviation biofuels trials; cites fuel shortage 1/11/12
134 Boeing, CSIRO partner for aviation biofuels feedstock R&D 1/16/12
135 Alaska Airlines says $17 per gallon aviation biofuel, logistics, limited biofuels trial 2/22/12
136 Fedex CEO says biofuels a priority, price barrier remains 2/29/12
137 Sinopec unveils massive plans for aviation biofuels production in China 3/1/12
138 LAN Chile, Air BP Copec operate first South American biofuels flight 3/8/12
139 China’s COMAC, Boeing, sign aviation biofuels R&D accord 3/9/12
140 Lufthansa aviation biofuels trial reuces fuel consumption by 1% 3/16/12
141 LS9, Novozymes, Boeing, Abengoa, Dupont among the winners in 2012 Sustainable Biofuels Awards 3/16/12
142 Airbus, Virgin exploring eucalyptus as aviation biofuels feedstock 3/22/12
143 Boeing, Airbus, Embraer sign pact to develop aviation biofuels 3/23/12
144 Thai Airways launches aviation biofuels R&D project 3/26/12
145 Qantas schedules first biofuels commercial flight 3/26/12
146 Virdia, Virent pioneer new super-performing, parity-cost renewable jet fuel pathway 3/27/12
147 Boeing to establish Brazilian research center 4/4/12
148 Neste Oil joins Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy 4/5/12
149 Qatar Airways invests in aviation biofuels pioneer Byogy 4/13/12
150 Qantas commences commercial biofuels flights, using waste cooking oil fuel 4/16/12
151 Boeing 787 Dreamliner completes US-Tokyo aviation biofuels test flight 4/20/12
152 Porter Airlines completes first commercial aviation biofuels flight in  4/20/12
153 US Air Force and alcohol-based jet fuels? Senator Klobuchar wants to know 4/20/12
154 BioJet, Lao Asia Pacific Agriculture sign aviation biofuels pact for Laos 4/26/12
155 Advanced biofuels, farm, airline groups call on US to fund proposed military biofuels project 4/26/12
156 Green Strike Group or Green Hike Group? With small-scale advanced biofuels, who foots the bill? 5/15/12
157 Chevron Lummus joins ARA’s 100% drop-in aviation biofuel initiative 5/17/12
158 Maine researchers chase three paths towards wood-based, drop-in biofuels 5/18/12
159 US warplanes can fly faster, carry additional weapons load using advanced fuels and biofuels: new data 5/21/12
160 Midwest Aviation Sustainable Biofuels Initiative formed 5/24/12
161 GE to invest $245M in Brazilian R&D center: biodiesel, advanced biofuels, materials in focus 5/25/12
162 New $40 million funding announcement for military, aviation biofuels from DOE 6/19/12
163 National Research Council funds renewable jet fuel emissions research. 7/9/12
164 GE Aviation commits to buying 5 million gallons annually 7/9/12
165 US Navy to deliver 900,000 gallons of biofuel blend to fleet in Pacific. 7/17/12
166 The Navy’s Green Strike Group sails on biofuels blend: will it sail again? 7/19/12
167 Lufthansa sees aviation biofuels with 5% of market in next 7 years 7/24/12
168 South African Airways targets 50% biofuels by 2020 7/31/12
169 Boeing, COMAC partner to develop biofuels from gutter oil for China market 8/16/12
170 United Airlines joins Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group 8/20/12
171 Aemetis licenses Chevron Lummus/ARA technology for aviation biofuels 8/24/12
172 Sapphire completes construction of the Green Crude Farm: algae biofuels heads for the next level 8/28/12
173 Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels forms 8/31/12
174 Key partnership formed to test 100% drop-in ReadiJet aviation Fuel 9/13/12
175 Germany and US sign R&D agreement on renewable jet fuels 9/17/12
176 Lufthansa to pay for Algae.Tec aviation facility in Europe 9/19/12
177 BioJet and JATRO sign aviation biofuels Collaboration Agreement 9/28/12
178 BA set to construct aviation biofuels plant this year 9/28/12
179 Boeing, COMAC tap HEET for research on converting cooking oil to jet fuel 10/25/12
180 FAA to form Center of Excellence to further Alternative Jet Fuels Research, and environmental research 10/25/12
181 TEST FLIGHT: Gulfstream G150, G280, G450, G550 and G650 flights 10/28/12
182 Qatar University scales up their aviation biofuels research project 11/26/12
183 BREAKING NEWS: US Senate votes 62-37 to back military aviation biofuels 11/28/12
184 British Airways commits $500M to fuel from GreenSky London plant 12/3/12
185 UPM renewable diesel project in France lands €170M EU grant 12/20/12
186 Paradigm BioAviation announces $120M aviation biofuels project in Illinois 12/20/12
187 Neste Oil to produce renewable jet fuel from Spanish camelina 12/24/12
188 100% biofuels flight in Canada (ARA, CLG, Air Canada, Agrisoma et al) named in Top 25 Sciences Stories for 2012 by Popular Science 12/27/12
189 Aviation’s Declan Ryan invests in Irish algae-based fuels venture 1/28/13
190 US, Spain sign alternative aviation fuels accord 2/14/13
191 Australian Government awards $10 million to Licella, Muradel as accelerator towards commercial scale 3/1/13
192 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flies biofuel flight between Amsterdam and New York 3/11/13
193 Vilsack, LaHood sign “Farm to Fly” agreement 4/16/13
194 Cobalt, Mercurius, BioProcess Algae, Frontline land $17.7M in military biofuels grants 4/23/13
195 China Eastern Airlines completes 85-minute biofuel flight 4/24/13
196 Virent Delivers Plant-Based Jet Fuel to U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory for Testing 5/2/13
197 BioFuelNet signs deal with Air  and Airbus for aviation biofuels 5/14/13
198 The Battle of the Beltway: DoD awards $16M towards parity-cost, drop-in, non-food biofuels 5/27/13
199 National Research Council continues to search for low lead aviation gasoline alternatives 6/19/13
200 Amyris, Total, Airbus complete demonstration flight at the Paris Air Show 6/20/13


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