BIO submits comments on RFS to House Energy and Commerce

June 24, 2013 |

In Washington, BIO submitted comments in response to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s fourth white paper on the Renewable Fuels Standard. The white paper, part of a series reviewing the effectiveness of the RFS, examined the goals and achievements of the RFS as a part of national energy policy. Brent Erickson, BIO executive vice president, focused on the role of biofuels in American energy independence: “In addition to hurting consumers at the pump and harming the economy, the continued volatility in the oil markets undermines military readiness, putting our national security at risk…The technology being developed by [cellulosic and advanced biofuel] companies, in large part due to the regulatory and financial certainty provided by the RFS, is helping the U.S. economy by mitigating the impact high and volatile global oil prices have on all facets of the economy and reducing gas prices at the pump for American consumers.”

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