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July 8, 2013 |

Deep-ConnectHave questions yet unanswered on biofuels economics, process, feedstock, offtake, policy or finance?

Have people to meet, things to accomplish with them?

Hang on, help is on the way.

It’s usually the case that, at biofuels conferences and with articles, you have an opportunity to share feedback afterwards, in follow-up surveys and comment forms. We learn then, from you, what was most important, what was missing.

Who among us doesn’t have a question we’d really like to do a deep-dive on, regarding one company, technology, sector, or geography?

It might be one companies rate, titer or yields. Process economics. Feedstock costs. Timeline to commercialization. Financing mechanisms of choice. Preferred geographies for first commercial plants. Parameters for supply chain deals, from feedstock to offtake.


And, at the same time, readers often have a tough time establishing contact with companies we cover – websites may not have all the contact information, or networking opportunities at conferences have too many people trying to meet intoo little time.

Biofuels Digest Deep Connect – powerful, integrated, free

We plan to start changing that — step one, today, with our inaugural Biofuels Digest “Deep Connect” invite.

Name your area of interest
— you generate networking opportunities with the companies involved
— you fine-tune their presentations to meet your needs.

“Deep Connect” gives you the opportunity to share, company by company, your personal perspective on what information is most important to you — who you would most like to meet. You can also, if you wish, elect to share your contact information — on a company by company basis — and we’ll put you together with the companies you have taken a strong interest in for knowledge-building or business development purposes.

On an aggregate basis (only, unless you indicate otherwise), the total response of the Digest readership will be shared with each company — it will help you to build better presentations, optimize networking time at industry events, structure web communications, and figure out which key people should attend (or can safely skip) industry events.

How to get started

You can get started here today with companies already committed to ABLC-Next.

Note: You’ll need to be a Digest subscriber for us to be able to directly connect you – but even non-subscribers can participate and help influence the shape of content.

American Process
Calysta Energy
Cool Planet
Fulcrum BioEnergy
Naturally Scientific
Renewable Energy Group
SG Biofuels

Questions like:

On a company by company basis, which C-level decision makers would you like to meet for partnership or other business opportunities? Or, other executives (e.g engineering, lab/science, finance, HR, marketing/business development) for supply chain development opportunities?

On a company by company basis, what areas would you like to learn more about.

  • Technology (patents or other IP; current scale e.g. lab, pilot, or demo; R&D partners and consortia)
  • Economics (e.g. input costs; process capex, opex; minimum capacity for scale)
  • Target markets (e.g. molecules of interest, preferred geographies for distribution, timelines, market size, market share by competitor)
  • Capital events (e.g. equity raising timelines and goals, debt strategies, financial partners)
  • Production geographies (regions, provinces, cities of interest; economic, technical and supply chain requirements to consider a potential location)
  • Supply chain (upstream and downstream partners)
  • Policy goals (tax credits, mandates, tariffs, incentives, regulatory approvals)
  • The company environment (e.g. management ethos, workplace environment, people, values)

What you get by participating

Influence content and events — before they happen — not after. Plus, get into closer direct contact with the organizations that are of the highest importance to you.

Today, we’re stating with 20 companies that are presenting at ABLC-Next, in San Francisco this October 9-11, where the industry will be gathering this October to share informaiton and make contacts, in looking at the next wave in technologies, strategies, policies and financing options.

Later on, we’ll distribute surveys relating to supply chain partners, strategic investors, financiers, research groups, government entities and industry associations.

We’ll keep this survey open for two weeks to give you an opportunity to respond, and also have your colleagues and contacts respond also.

We look forward to optimizing your knowledge-gaining and networking opportunities – both here in the Digest and at out industry conference events.

How to get started

You can get started here today.

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