CCEMC shortlists 55 projects for the first round of funding from its international $35 million Grand Challenge

November 17, 2013 |

In Canada, the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation has invited full proposals from 55 projects from around the world for the first round of its $35 million Grand Challenge, which is seeking to create new products and markets based on the utilization and conversion of carbon dioxide. CCEMC is an Albertan entity, set up as part of the province’s carbon strategy.

Shortlisted projects are diverse and include chemical synthesis, carbonate production, liquid fuels, bacteria bio-fixation, methanol production, solid carbon products, polymer processing, syngas production, fertilizer production, algae bio-fixation and water treatment. Winning projects will be announced on April 15 at the Zero2014 conference in Edmonton. More on the story.

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