How much would you pay for renewable fuels?

December 4, 2013 |

At what price (whether a premium, or a discount) would you switch to renewable fuels – such as E85 ethanol, B2 biodiesel, drop-in fuels, or an airline ticket for a jet using renewable fuel?

price-surveyHere’s your chance to be heard. Your chance to inform policymakers, fuel marketers and fuel developers.

Would you only be willing to switch to renewable fuels if you can save money? Or, would benefits like longer engine life, cleaner air for kids, lower CO2 emissions, domestic jobs, less price volatility, and increased energy security inspire you to pay a little bit more at the pump?

The Digest would like to know your thoughts on how the benefits of renewables translate to prices at the pump. You can help the industry – and us – by completing this quick 4-question survey on your outlook on pricing and fuels.

It’s your chance to tell political leaders, fuel marketers and fuels developers about your expectations – whatever they are.

Would you be willing to pay $1 more for a 1000 mile air ticket if the airline was using renewable fuels – or more, or less? At what price point would you make the decision to switch to E85 ethanol (for flex-fuel cars), or to B2 biodiesel? What prices would you support for drop-in fuels if they improved energy security, reduced emissions, reduced dependency on foreign oil, and created domestic jobs? Or do you place no economic value on those benefits?

To help answer those questions, please take a minute today to complete this survey, and encourage your friends and colleagues to take it too. It only takes a minute and the benefits are important – the survey is here.

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