Is that Jimmy Page, or Leifmark’s Paul Kamp?

February 13, 2014 |

lz2_band_paulPaul Kamp leads two lives. Normally, he’s a devoted husband, father, and Leifmark executive who heads business development for Inbicon Biomass Refinery projects in North America.

But he’s got heavy metal in his blood, and a second life on the road playing lead guitar in Chicago’s Led Zeppelin 2.

It’s a high-octane band of four experienced musicians who recreate the live concert performances of Led Zeppelin to sold-out crowds all across America. You may have caught them in Vegas, or elsewhere around the country. But next week, you can catch them in live performance in Orlando, Florida at the National Ethanol Conference, at the Networking Conference on Tuesday Night, Feb. 18, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, courtesy of Pacific Ethanol, the event’s sponsor.

And channel the turbo-charged ’60s and ’70s, when classic rock was at its zenith.

A distinctive feature of their performances is the improvisation and onstage interaction between the musicians, remaining true to the spirit of their namesakes.

Last month music critic Kevin Williams reviewed the group for the Chicago Tribune: “…That this Led Zeppelin tribute band features great musicians isn’t that big of a surprise, because it takes chops to play this stuff. But Led Zeppelin 2 has a couple of secret weapons in Bruce Lamont (vocalist and frontman) of Yakuza fame (yes, the prog-metal demons), and Paul Kamp (lead guitar), who you know from Busker Soundcheck. The other members are drummer Ian Lee and bassist Matthew Longbons. These guys can play…. Lamont understands Plant. He shrieks, screams, preens and howls. Even people who snark about this Chicago-based band from the “it isn’t a replica” worldview give props to Lamont for his Plant readings. Led Zeppelin 2 also comes closest to straddling that line between cover and tribute band, but in a good way.”

After the show, Paul Kamp the guitarist will put in an appearance as Paul Kamp the Leifmark partner. And he’d be happy to talk with you about planning your cellulosic ethanol project.

The Digest will also be at the National Ethanol Conference this year, in Orlando, February 17-20, 2014.

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