Transformative Technologies 2014: call for nominations

February 24, 2014 |

Announcing the return of The Digest’s most popular reader-driven awards. 

New, improved format!

20 Awards up for grabs – join the winners on the red carpet at ABLC.

In Florida, The Digest announced the opening of nominations for Transformative Technologies 2014, in which organizations are recognized for their impact in transforming a feedstock, a process step, a processing technology, a molecule — and in which plants, towns or industrial complexes, and states and countries are recognized for transforming their economies through the use of new technology.


1. Categories

Feedstock technologies
Feedstock – existing oilseed
Feedstock – existing grain
Feedstock – existing microbe or algae
Feedstock – novel oilseed
Feedstock – novel grain
Feedstock – novel microbe or algae

Process technologies
Harvest, extraction or dewatering
Organic catalyst or enzyme
Inorganic catalyst

Overall process transformation
Conversion technology (gas)
Conversion technology (liquid)
Conversion technology (solid-state or supercritical)

Transformation of a molecule (existing or novel) through innovation
Molecule – biofuel
Molecule – biobased chemical
Molecule – biobased material

Transformation of an economy through innovation
Plant or integrated biorefinery
Town or industrial symbiosis
State or country

2. Nominations.

Nominations open today in a total of 20 categories. Any Digest subscriber may submit a nomination (or nominations) in any category by visiting here, and add your rationale for the nomination. Nominations will be open through March 7, 2014. For each category, five finalists will be selected by the Digest editorial board. Organizations can be nominated in any or all categories.

Note – nominations are open only to Digest subscribers, but voting will be public.

3. Voting.

Voting pages will be established for each nominee at — all voting will be exclusively via social media this year. Once the voting pages are opened on March 10, readers will be able to Tweet, Like or Share any nominated organization in any category by clicking on the voting buttons provided for each page. Each tweet, like or share will count for one vote.

4. Announcement of winners.

Ballots will be open through April 18, 2014 — and winners will be announced a gala reception at ABLC 2014 — the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference in Washington DC — where the Transformative Technologies winners will be recognized and celebrated along with the Top 100 Leaders in Bioenergy, the winners of the 2013-14 Biofuels Digest Awards, and the winners of the annual Lifetime Achievement Award and the Global Bioenergy Leadership Award.

Winners will also be recognized in profiles at — as well as via an extensive PR campaign that will celebrate the winners and the spirit of innovation during the remainder of the calendar year.

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