Elevance launches grease processing aid– “Concert GC-350”

June 16, 2014 |

In Illinois, Elevance Renewable Sciences announced its commercial launch of Elevance Concert GC-350, a grease processing aid that will be distributed in North America by Acme-Hardesty. “Elevance Concert GC-350 is the newest addition to a growing portfolio of renewable, high-performance ingredient solutions for the lubricant and other industries,” said Robin Weitkamp, Senior Vice President for Lubricants and Additives at Elevance.

Elevance Concert GC-350 addresses the time-intensive process involved in complex lithium grease manufacturing by enabling manufacturers of complex greases to:

  • Reduce total process time per batch by 25-35 percent;
  • Add capacity to grease manufacturing plant without investing capital;
  • Realize energy and labor savings;
  • Realize potential for enhanced operability in many finished grease formulations;
  • Increase renewable content in formula; and
  • Improve the solubility of the soap thickener while maintaining current grease yields per batch.


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