Digest Dashboard launches – “news you can use” summary of key bioeconomy prices, data

June 22, 2014 |

DD 062314 charts 2In Florida, Biofuels Digest launched today its weekly Digest Dashboard, a convenient “news you can use” 5-Minute summary of current markets including key commodity prices, relevant futures, bioenergy-related stocks, and historical equities data.

In the initial release, the Dashboard will summarize:

Sector Equities. Friday closing prices, weekly moves, outstanding shares, market caps, most recent earnings per share, p/e ratio, book value, EBITDA and 50- and 200-day moving averages for 35 key sector equities — a weekly summary of the Biofuels Digest Index. Includes both tabular data, and charts.

Historical Index data. Historical 5-year and all-time Biofuels Digest Index closing prices, the previous week’s daily BDI closes, and movement by sectors such as large caps, ethanol, advanced biofuels, enzymes and chemicals.

Latest prices – fossil commodities. Most recent commodity closing prices, and price changes, for NYMEX’s crude oil, Brent Crude, Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel, Natural Gas, RBOB gasoline, and Ethylene.

Latest prices – renewable commodities. Most recent commodity closing prices for ethanol futures and D6 RIN futures.

Latest prices – renewable feedstocks, first-gen. Most recent commodity futures closing prices for first generation feedstocks including field corn, soybean oil, and sugar. Most recent commodity closing prices for dried distillers grains, modified wet distillers grains, and distillers corn oil.

Latest prices – renewable feedstocks, next-gen. Most recent averaged prices for second generation bioenergy feedstocks including sorghum, cornstalks, grass and brome, by state.

“There is a tremendous amount of price data available from a wide array of sources,” said Digest editor Jim Lane.  “Some is more important to the biofuels reader than others. With this weekly dashboard, we aim to provide the most essential data, in one convenient 5-minute summary. As the sector grows and changes — we’ll track and report on new prices as they become essentials.”

The Biofuels Digest Index (first launched in August 2007) was recently revised to add Abengoa (ABGB), Dyadic (DYAI) and Evogene (EVGN) — and several stocks were dropped that do not meet the Index’s revised $10M minimum market cap. Stocks are weighted to reflect market cap and exposure to the biofuels sector.  The Index stocks are:

ABGB –  Abengoa

ADM – Archer Daniels Midland

AEB.AX – Algae.Tec

AMRS – Amyris

AMTX -Aemetis

ANDE – The Andersons


BIOA – BioAmber

BP – British Petroleum

BX.T – Biox

CDXS – Codexis

CERE – Ceres

CZZ – Cosan

DD – DuPont


DYAI – Dyadic

E – Eni

EVGN – Evogene

GETG – Green Earth Tech

GEVO – Gevo

GPRE – Green Plains RE


MBLX – Metabolix

MON – Monsanto

NTOIF – Neste Oil

NZMB.F – Novozymes

OOIL – OriginOil

PEIX – Pacific Ethanol

RDS-A – Shell

REGI – Renewable Energy Group

SAM.MI – Sacom

SYT – Syngenta

SZYM – Solazyme

TOT – Total

VLO – Valero


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