Canada gives thumbs up to Agrisoma’s carinata meal

June 25, 2014 |

Clears way for oilseeds to advance market penetration; impacts expected in feed markets, biofuels and biojet.

Meanwhile, Agrisoma deploys technology to launch varietals better, faster.

In Canada,  Agrisoma Biosciences and PGF Biofuels announced that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency gave regulatory approval for Brassica carinata meal for use in feed for grower and finisher beef cattle in Canada.

Marketed under the brand name Resonance Carinata, this industrial oilseed produces a high protein meal that can now be used as a source of protein in livestock feed. The CFIA’s approval, in conjunction with similar approvals in other international markets allows for Canadian Carinata meal sales and is an important part of the continued development for the Resonance Carinata value chain.

CFIA regulatory approval for cattle feed in Canada means that Resonance Carinata meal has been through rigorous animal safety and efficacy testing.

“While the primary market for Resonance Carinata has always been renewable aviation and biodiesel fuels, the value of its high quality meal is an important part of Carinata’s overall market success,” said Mr. Andrew Paterson, Chief Executive Officer of PGF Biofuels. “With Resonance Carinata meal now approved by the CFIA, the market potential for this crop, and its related opportunity for growers, continues to expand.”

“Enabling Resonance Carinata meal to be sold within Canadian borders is an integral step to increasing efficiency and delivery of benefits to the growers and partners along the Carinata value chain,” said Steven Fabijanski, President and CEO of Agrisoma.

At the same time, Fabijanski said that Agrisoma has applied its high efficiency “Doubled Haploid” (DH) technology to create a number of new varietal candidates of carinata. This advanced and innovative breeding strategy uses a proprietary tissue culture technology that enables Agrisoma to quickly select the best plant material for the development of new plant varieties.

The Agrisoma breeding program is also evaluating new plant varieties that deliver enhanced production characteristics, such as herbicide and disease resistances, that increase growers’ options for efficient and economical carinata production. The evaluation of these new varieties has been conducted in Canada, Florida and South America; Agrisoma and the University of Florida have expanded their technical demonstration of Resonance Carinata across the southeastern region of the USA as an option for winter production of a second crop.

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