KIOR — The March 15 2012 O’Connor email memo

September 9, 2014 |

In today’s Digest, we publish a series of six documents that were filed in the past week with the SEC, relating to KiOR, and a growing dispute between the company’s Board — and an individual director, Paul O’Connor.

It is important to note KiOR’s response: 

“The Company intends to continue to vigorously respond to allegations by Mr. O’Connor that it considers to be false, misleading or inappropriate and is currently considering all of its options, including the possibility of legal action against Mr. O’Connor.”  As KiOR’s response becomes public, The Digest will publish it.

At the same time, it would be unfair to dismiss O’Connor’s assessment without a fair hearing, either. As O’Connor notes on his Board resignation letter:

“The KiOR technology to convert waste biomass into fuels and chemicals via catalytic pyrolysis (or cracking) originated from a Dutch company called BIOeCON, which invented and explored this concept in 2006 and 2007. I am one of the principal inventors of this technology. Other key inventors are Prof’s Avelino Corma, Jacob Moulijn, Dr. Dennis Stamires, Dr. Igor Babich and Sjoerd Daamen B.Sc. all working and cooperating with BIOeCON since early 2006.

“During the first two years of KiOR 2008-2009, I worked as CTO with Fred in building up the organization, proving the concept in a modified FCC pilot plant and leading the research into improved catalysts.”

The March 15 email

From: Paul O’Connor <[email protected]>

Subject: Follow up questions – KiOR Review

Date: March 15, 2012 6:46:45 AM PDT

To: Fred Cannon <[email protected]>

Dear Fred

Further to my visit and our telephone conversation monday, I would like some additional information/data to round of my feedback to the board:

1) Actual performance data from the Demo Plant.

Reactor effluent oil yields (BOE or GPBD) and oxygen content (%) as a function of time since demo start up (No info on reactor or catalyst necessary).

2) Best estimate you have today on % oil recovery to calculate the “Overall product yield” from the reactor effluent yield.

At present I am guessing about [**]%?

3) Your assumptions and calculation of the $ 1.80 / gallon product cost for a 1500 ton/day plant @ 67? GPBD yield

4) List of abandoned patents (~28) of which I am a co-inventor

I will contact Samir to see how he wants to discuss this at the board.

I agree with you that an Oral presentation is the best.


Best regards



More documents in this set

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