Fuels America, API unleash media campaigns with opposing ads over EPA RVOs

September 12, 2014 |

In Washington, Fuels America and the American Petroleum Insitute (API) have released ads targeting the White House’s decision on the RFS volume obligations. API’s ad is a TV stop, while Fuels America’s campaign will run a full-page USA Today ad from September 19-21.

According to Domestic Fuel, API’s Bob Greco says they launched their campaign in part because of recent statements from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that the agency will raise ethanol requirements based on the latest gasoline demand figures for 2014.

“Unfortunately, the administration seems to be playing politics with the RFS rule instead of doing what’s best for consumers,” Greco said. “You don’t have to be a political insider to see how the Iowa Senate race—and the White House fear of losing control of the Senate—plays into this decision.”

“This has been a David and Goliath struggle all along,” said Brent Erickson with the Biotechnology Industry Organization on behalf of Fuels America. “The biofuels industry has been struggling against this Goliath oil industry that has spent millions and millions of dollars on ads.”



“President Obama needs to overrule this misguided proposal from the EPA before it is too late and these new technologies move overseas. The fate of America’s advanced biofuel industry, along with the President’s clean energy legacy, are resting on his decision.”

-Fuels America USA Today print ad
“Tell President Obama, stop playing politics – fix the RFS.”

-American Petroleum Institute TV ad


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