Taurus Energy, CIMV ink partnership for EU-based cellulosic ethanol demo plant

September 15, 2014 |

In Sweden, Taurus Energy announced that it has partnered with France-based CIMV, and submitted to the EU Commission a proposal for the construction and operation of a larger demonstration plant for the production of ethanol from biomass.The plan is for the demonstration plant will be built in France. Taurus Energy is responsible for the yeast-based fermentation step in the process. The EU Commission in January 2015 will determine which projects receive grantfunding.

CIMV (Compagnie Industrielle de la Matière Vegetale) specializes in taking advantage of the lignin present in all biomassesand exploit this to the production of specialty chemicals under its own patented process. The project has received the designation 2G biopic and using CIMVs patented method, the lignin is first separated before the subsequent enzymatic andfermentation steps convert the hemicellulose and cellulose to ethanol. CIMV has partnered with Dyadic for thedevelopment of an optimized enzyme mixture to the process.

In addition, to CIMV, Taurus Energy and Dyadic, CRITT BIO INDUSTRIES and TWB (Toulouse White Biotechnology) also have partnered in this consortia. The proposed project would run over a period of three years and Taurus Energy’s portion of the project will be mostly funded by the European Commission. The European Commission has set aside several millioneuros to finance various projects in the bioenergy field and a decision on which of the projects that receive the award are determined during the month of January by 2015.


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