National Algae Association releases scathing critique of DOE, Washington

October 20, 2014 |

In the US, the National Algae Association has begun pushing US algae producers to label their products “Made in the USA” and “USDA Organic” when applicable. In a scathing critique of the Department of Energy, National Laboratories, and Washington D.C., the Association blamed the Department of Energy for “hijacking” the algae product industry and shipping American algae technology out to China. The Association went on to describe the “algaepreneur”, as they see it:

“Algaepreneurs, private industry and private investors who are exhausted from the continuing government-sponsored research programs with no legitimate focus on commercial algae production have entered the field of commercial algae production, sequestering CO2, lowering the CAPEX substantially to make algae production profitable and are generating increasing revenues and profit margins.

“Private US commercial algae producers are building a new industry in the US and creating jobs . Private investors and algaepreneurs are building commercial algae farms and algae biomanufacturing facilities on US soil, and have and will continue to create new jobs and to provide quality products, all despite of the efforts of the Department of Energy to thwart progress. Algae production enhancements will continue but the real algaepreneurs are not waiting. They have moved far ahead of government sponsored-research programs and are creating the industry by commercially scaling-up production, supply channels and customer base. They see huge markets opening up in nutraceuticals Omega 3 EPA/DHA, cosmetics, foods, feeds, and bioplastics that commercial production in the US can fulfill. Algaepreneurs want to produce high quality algae products made in the USA. “

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