ZeaChem, Leaf Resources sign collaboration agreement for Leaf Glycell

October 20, 2014 |

In Colorado, ZeaChem has signed a Collaboration Agreement with Leaf Resources. The agreement covers ZeaChem’s evaluation of the Leaf Glycell process for the production of fermentable sugars at ZeaChem’s demonstration plant at Boardman, Oregon.  The trials will use Poplar as a feedstock.

Regarding the agreement, ZeaChem’s CEO, Tim Eggeman said:

“ZeaChem is excited to trial Leaf Resources’ GlycellTM process at its Boardman demonstration plant. We are impressed with the results that Leaf Resources has achieved in pretreatment and saccharification, which, if replicated at Boardman, would be of significant economic benefit to ZeaChem’s proposed operations. Based on Leaf’s data, its GlycellTM process has the potential to deliver 30-40% more sugars in half the time at standard enzyme loadings, which would translate into significant efficiencies with limited effect on operations.”

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