JBEI ready to license 4 new technologies

January 12, 2015 |

In California, four new technologies are available for license from the researchers at the Joint BioEnergy Institute at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The technologies include:

Golgi Nucleotide Sugar Transporters as Tools for Cell Wall Modification, a technology to engineer bioenergy plans and make sugars more easily accessible.

Increasing Value of Waste Lignin from Biomass Processing, a technology to trap valuable molecules during plant development and cell wall formation making them accessible to recovery downstream.

Engineered Microorganisms Resistant to Ionic Liquids, which improve the commercial viability of microbially-produced biofuels by doubling the yield of soluble sugars and biofuels during production.

Producing Antibiotics with Growth-Arrested Cells, an affordable technology designed to achieve industrial scale production.

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