Ceres offers three new seed products including forage sorghum hybrids

February 23, 2015 |

In California, Ceres has announced three new seed product offerings including three forage sorghum hybrids following positive results from commercial evaluations last season.

The company’s expansion into the forage market is expected to bring innovative new products to growers and producers, including hybrids with higher yields, greater disease resistance and improved nutrition.

Ceres’ products also performed well in numerous multi-hybrid trials.  For example, the University of Florida reported that one of the company’s forage sorghum hybrids, EJ 7281, was the highest yielding commercial hybrid in both their spring and summer trials in 2014. In spring trials, EJ 7281 yields were calculated at 43,000 pounds of milk per acre, or 40% higher than the nearest entry. Results from summer plantings released last week by the university showed milk yields per acre approximately 20% higher than other commercially planted hybrids.

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