Chromatin’s sorghum products rank at the top in North Carolina yield trials

February 23, 2015 |

In North Carolina, Sorghum Partners have three products that have placed at the top in a statewide yield trial conducted by North Carolina State University. As Dr. Ron Heiniger, Professor at NCSU, recently described, yields over 100 bushels per acre allow sorghum to compete favorably in the region with typical corn yields. “Our team has demonstrated that growers can achieve high sorghum yields through a combination of agronomic techniques and hybrids that perform well in this environment,” said Heiniger.

In statewide trials that surveyed nearly 30 hybrids from various companies, Dr. Heiniger’s work showed that SP7868 and X715 placed first and second in the full season competition, yielding 160 and 157 bushels per acre, respectively, and that NK6638 placed 5th statewide. Additionally, each of these hybrids showed substantial resistance to fusarium, anthracnose and leaf spot, diseases that are common in North Carolina.

The Sorghum Partners brand is owned by Chromatin, Inc., a company committed to improving sorghum through industry leading research. Chromatin’s investment in the East Coast includes a breeding nursery and multiple testing sites.

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