Propel Fuels: Biofuels Digest’s 2015 5-Minute Guide

March 24, 2015 |

5-Minute-Guide-logoPropel builds, owns & operates a network of American made renewable fuel stations.

Propel’s Clean Fuel Points are owned and operated by Propel. The CFPs are designed to be located at existing gas stations. To that end, they partner with station owners to make it easy for customers to find and fill with clean, renewable fuels. In addition, our CFPs leave little impact on the environment and are designed with the highest safety standards in mind.

Propel’s Branded Supply station gives station partners the ability to add and operate renewable fuels to their station. They continue to provide the same customer fueling experience as from Propel, plus a full range fueling options from high performance renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel) to conventional fuels (gasoline).

Propel’s Clean Mobility Centers provide more than just clean fuel. it provides a distinctly different customer fueling experience, offering a full range of high performance renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel) alongside conventional fuels (gasoline). Customers can also offset their carbon footprint when filling with conventional fuels and feel even better about their purchase.

The Situation:

Renewable diesel is becoming a big part of Propel’s future. Earlier this year, the company launched the state’s most advanced diesel fuel: Diesel HPR (High Performance Renewable) at Propel locations across Northern California. Propel’s Diesel HPR consists of 98.5 percent Neste Oil’s NEXBTL renewable diesel, a low-carbon renewable fuel that meets petroleum diesel specifications for use in diesel engines while realizing the benefits of better performance and lower emissions.

Diesel HPR will be available at 18 Propel locations in Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay, Redwood City and Fresno. Locations, directions and real time pricing can be found on Propel’s mobile app available in the Android and Apple app stores. A complete list of locations is also available at

But Propel is not only using new fuels but is also using new models for selling its fuel.

At 36 stations across California and Washington, the company rents a pump at convenience stores, and with pay-at-the-pump technology, customers pay Propel directly rather than the gas station. That system makes it much easier for the convenience store and Propel doesn’t suffer from delays in receiving payment for the fuels it sells, a win-win model that is making it easier to quickly expand its retail offering without investing heavily in infrastructure.


Owner-operator and supplier of branded fuels.

Past milestones:

In March 2014, Propel opened new renewable fuel stations in San Marcos, Oceanside, San Diego and Sacramento.

In April 2013, Propel Fuels became the first to supply E85 and biodiesel at its new Clean Mobility Center in Fresno with fuel sourced from local producers including Community Fuels in Stockton and Calgren Renewable Fuels in Pixley. Fresno’s Clean Mobility Center offers renewable fuels alongside conventional fuels to provide drivers with true choice at the pump. In addition, the station enables drivers to offset carbon from their fuel purchases, improve their vehicle’s fuel economy, find public transit, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go.

In May 2012, Propel Fuels launched its first Clean Mobility Center, in Fullerton.

The Center offers a distinctly different customer experience, featuring high performance renewable fuels (E85 Flex Fuel, biodiesel blends) alongside conventional fuels. With a focus larger than just oil, Propel’s new stations enable customers to carbon offset fuel purchases, improve fuel economy, find transit routes and ride share opportunities, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go. The new station model provides a highly visible platform to introduce the benefits of renewable fuels to a mainstream driver base alongside conventional options in some of the most underserved renewable fuel markets. For the first time, drivers can offset carbon emissions from their fuel purchase right from the pump by directly funding clean air projects through Propel’s partnership with the Foundation.

Future milestones:

Additional Clean Mobility Centers, branded fuel supply and Clean Fuel Points.


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