SJC Bioenergia’s sugarcane plant to seamlessly integrate corn ethanol production

May 10, 2015 |

In Brazil, SJC Bioenergia has purchased FQPT’s technologies to integrate corn ethanol production into its sugarcane-ethanol plant in Quirinopolis, Brazil. SJC Bioenergia will utilize FQPT’s  SGT milling, BOS front-end corn oil, Fiber Separation, and MSC Protein Recovery technologies, which will produce a corn based starch slurry stream which gives high yields of ethanol and co-products while allowing the sugar cane mill to utilize existing fermentation, distillation, and evaporation. The SJC system will be the first co-location (cane and corn) to remove corn fiber before fermentation making the switch over from cane to corn seamless throughout the crop year.

The system is scheduled for startup in December, 2015. SJC Bioenergia is a joint venture between Cargill and Group USJ.

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