Global Bioenergies produces gaseous isobutene and renewable oil from sugars

May 12, 2015 |

In France, Global Bioenergies announced having converted renewable resources into gaseous isobutene, and secondarily into liquid fuels similar to those extracted from oil. This mix of fuels can be compared to light oil, and thus be considered as « renewable oil ».

For the first time, a batch of isobutene produced and purified on ARD’s Pomacle-Bazancourt site, located close to Reims in France, has been shipped in pressurized containers to the Fraunhofer Institute on the Leuna refinery platform, close to Leipzig in Germany.

This batch has been run through an industrially relevant catalytic unit resulting in stringing isobutene molecules one to the other. A mix has been produced containing isooctane (string of two isobutene molecules), isododecane (string of three), isocetane (string of four), as well as longer strings.

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