United to start flying biofuels out of LAX in 2015; AltAir to supply 15 million gallons in 3-year deal

June 30, 2015 |

united_airlinesIn California, AltAir Fuels will begin regularly scheduled deliveries of sustainable biojet fuel to United Airlines LAX operations this year, the airline announced today.

AltAir’s Paramount, California-based refinery converts sustainable feedstocks, like non-edible natural oils and agricultural wastes, into low-carbon, renewable jet fuel. This fuel is price-competitive with traditional, petroleum-based jet fuel, but achieves a 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions on a life cycle basis when compared to traditional jet fuel.

United will purchase up to 15 million gallons of sustainable aviation biofuel from AltAir over a three-year period, with the option to purchase more.

Rewind to 2013

In 2013, the two companies announced the 15 million gallon deal, saying that they expected to be operating flights in 2014. At the time, AltAir Fuels said that it planned to retrofit the idled portions of its Paramount petroleum refinery to produce renewable jet fuel and other products from non-edible oils and agricultural waste. The refiner will be the first in the U.S. able to produce diesel and drop-in replacements for petroleum-based jet fuels.

The opening of the AltAir refinery will create 150 jobs in Paramount, California. The biofuel will be mixed with traditional jet fuel at a 30/70 blend ratio. The AltAir Fuels refinery will produce 30 million gallons of advanced biofuels, including low-carbon renewable jet fuel and other renewable products.

United will begin using the AltAir sustainable aviation biofuel on select flights operating out of our Los Angeles hub in 2015.

AltAir can produce enough sustainable bio-jet fuel to power the equivalent of 41,600 flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco over the next three years. The AltAir biofuel is expected to provide more than a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on a life cycle basis when compared to traditional jet fuel.

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