Joule Unlimited: The Digest’s 2015 Visual Guide

October 20, 2015 |

It’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Aldehyde: the story of Joule magic, the transformation of benign CO2 and water into powerful and mysterious hydrocarbon fuels.

For a number of years, readers all over the world have been following the fortunes of Joule Unlimited, in and out of stealth, and its goal of making hydrocarbons directly from CO2, sunlight and water — “fuel from thin air,” as we termed it several years ago. The company has persevered as many have fallen by the wayside, and is now aimed at constructing a first commercial facility in 2017. Joule’s magic to some extent lies in the extravagantly low production costs, whereby Joule’s “solar fuels” (as they call them eschewing the term “biofuels”) could be competitive with $50 oil.

Today, we present a visual guide to what makes Joule rock.

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