“50 Days of the Bioeconomy” Launches

December 13, 2015 |

50Days50 Days of New Product Announcements, climate change frameworks, New R&D Partnerships, Commercial-scale projects, Strategic investments, New Pilots, Company formations, National Lab Demo Days, NEXT Store Product Launches, new television and media programs, ABLC Webinars, Keynotes, Workshops, and The Hot 50.

Shake off those seasonal blues.

Over the next 50 days in The Digest, you’ll see the most incredible, positive and industry-moving announcements, R&D breakthroughs, leaps to scale and investments, as the industry gets ready for ABLC 2016.

#1 – The Paris Agreement, a permanent framework for fighting climate change

Today, the 50 Days of the Bioeconomy kicks off with the foundational news story of the historic agreement in Paris on a permanent framework for battling climate change. It’ll be an anchor for the biobased revolution. “The Paris Climate Agreement: What it Says, and What it Means” – just the first of many key announcements to come.

But that’s just the start. Wait’ll you see what’s coming. We have one major announcement each business day between now and the week of February 15, the opening of ABLC2016.


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