BioTork Announces algae-based vegan alternative to Fish Oil

December 13, 2015 |

In Florida, BioTork has created a sustainable, GMO-free, vegan omega-3 oil produced from algae. This omega-3 oil will be launched in the nutraceutical, feed and food industries worldwide as a direct replacement to fish oil. BioTork’s product is naturally evolved, not genetically modified, and therefore does not carry the GMO label.  BioTork’s omega-3 oil is 100% from algae and can therefore be consumed by vegans and vegetarians.  The algae is grown on several agro-industrial waste or by-products that are globally massively available. BioTork’s omega-3 oil is set to hit pilot scale stage by early 2016, with demonstration and commercial production following shortly thereafter.

Eudes de Crecy, CEO of BioTork, about the company’s future involvement in the omega-3 industry: “We will have the means to seriously move the lines in this global challenge of delivering alternative omega-3 sources.  This will help alleviate the current supply/demand issues and contribute to a much higher quality food.”

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