4 advanced biofuel plants for Argentina as Porta, Gevo announce deal

February 2, 2016 |

Advances in Racing Fuels

In other news, Gulf Racing Fuels becomes the Official Fuel of MSR Houston Race Track.  MSR Houston is a private membership country club race track. Gevo, is supplying Gulf the bio-isobutanol produced at Gevo’s fermentation plant in Luverne, MN.

MSR Houston is switching fuels primarily to get the new Gulf ethanol-free gasolines that use Isobutanol.  The track will offer the EPA Approved Gulf 93 and Gulf 100 with Isobutanol.  Gulf will also deliver high octane MACH 116 unleaded racing fuel at the pump.

MSR Houston will host races for a variety of motorsports sanctioning bodies such as Indy Lites, CMRA Motorcycles, Radical Race Series, CVAR, SCCA, NASA, World Racing League, and PCA.

It goes to show that opportunities in ethanol-free gasoline might be the ticket for Gevo, short-term. Racing fuels, but marinas too. As we reported in November:

We have direct evidence Bu16 is selling at more than $3.39 per gallon (that’s the 50% premium to E10 reported by Express Lube), and that’s a premium of 78 cents over the pure gasoline (E0) price. That suggest a value of $4.84 per gallon for the isobutanol, excluding that detachable D6 renewable biofuel RIN, which is priced at $0.64 this month on the Chicago Board of Trade. So, there’s another 83 cents there. Total value created, $5.78 per gallon.

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