Microfibrillar cellulose consortium applies for EU Horizon 2020 Flagship support

March 20, 2016 |

In the EU, a consortium of European companies and research institutions, with Borregaard as lead member, has applied for financial support for the development and commercialization of Borregaard’s Exilva microfibrillar cellulose under the Horizon 2020 Flagship program, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation. The application has been positively evaluated, and it is now in the grant preparation phase. If granted, the support will cover up to 60% of Borregaard’s project costs and make it possible to further increase business development activities in the Exilva project.

The maximum amount which can be granted to Borregaard is 25 million euro over a period of three years. The intention behind the Horizon 2020 Flagship programs is to reduce the financial risk associated with the development and market introduction of new technologies in the commercialization phase. The grant will be reduced if the project makes a profit during this period.

The agreements between the parties involved in the consortium have not been finalized. Completion of the necessary set of agreements and approval by Horizon 2020 is expected to take place during the second quarter of 2016.

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