European support of compostable bags key for bioplastics industry

April 10, 2016 |

In Europe, a study has shown that European demand for biodegradable polymers has focused on compostable plastic bags. The market of compostable and biodegradable plastic products grew to 100,000 tonnes in 2015, and could grow to beyond 300,000 tonnes in 2020

The industry lives and dies by the legal framework surrounding the use of biodegradable and compostable plastic products; the study found the legal infrastructure could be either the bottleneck or the key driver for market development.

In 2015 Europe enacted legislation to reduce the number of single-use carrier bags. Italy, for example, was the first country to encourage compostable plastic bags. Implementation of bag reduction measures by EU member states could also promote innovations in the area of bio-based and biodegradable plastics. Projections on market growth by 2020 were found to be heavily dependent on what policy scenario will be applied.

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