Calysta’s fish feed provides significant advantages in water and land consumption, says Carbon Trust

April 18, 2016 |

In California, Calysta has announced that its FeedKind protein nearly eliminates the need for water and agricultural land for production of fish feed for the aquaculture industry, according to a study from the Carbon Trust. The report provides a detailed analysis of FeedKind protein taking into account a variety of environmental sustainability criteria, and concludes that FeedKind protein offers significant advantages over current fish feed ingredients. FeedKind protein was shown to use 77­98% less water than alternative ingredients including soy and wheat proteins. It also requires almost no agricultural land to produce, freeing that land for other food crops. One commercial scale FeedKind protein plant, if used to replace soy products for fish feed, would free up enough land to feed as many as 250,000 people.

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