Clariant’s sunliquid technology price competitive with Brazilian sugarcane ethanol

April 25, 2016 |

In Brazil, testing on Clariant’s sunliquid technology has confirmed that the cost per liter of cellulosic ethanol can achieve price competitiveness with sugarcane ethanol prices in Brazil. Clariant’s testing evaluated over 40 containers of sugargane bagasse and tops & leaves from Brazil at its pilot and precommercial facilities in Germany, and achieved a yield of up to 300 Liters of ethanol per ton of dry bagasse during extended performance runs. Besides excellent yields on both C5 and C6 sugar conversion to cellulosic ethanol, Clariant was able to demonstrate its superior fermentation performance and stability.

The Clariant pre-commercial plant has also demonstrated cellulosic ethanol production on agricultural residues such as corn stover and cereal straw for the North American and European markets.

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