Palm residues can be removed from plantations without negative effects, says Malaysian study

April 25, 2016 |

In Malaysia, a recent study published by Dr. Christopher Teh found that one-third of palm residues could be removed from plantations without negative impacts on soil erosion, nutrient balance, and soil carbon loss. The study reviewed different types of palm residues, including palm fronds, trunks, and empty fruit bunches, and concluded that empty fruit bunches, as well as a small amount of palm fronds and trunks, can be removed without significant negative effects on soil and future palm oil yields, so long as “robust” soil conservation methods are utilized.

In a follow-on paper that is still in publication, ICCT has estimated that this resource has the potential to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector in Indonesia, displacing up to 18% of road diesel and gasoline in that country with very low carbon advanced biofuel.

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