Re-think, re-use, retro-fit: 15 4G techs transforming Gen-1 biobased plants

June 16, 2016 |

BD-TS-061716-bolton-smThis week, we profiled several technologies that together we described as 4G.

The stakes are huge.

Let’s put just two of them together for a moment to imagine the implications. If every gallon of ethanol was produced using a scaled-up White Dog Labs tech, and 33% of the passenger cars on the road were Nissan FCVs. We’d be using 28 billion gallons of ethanol to drive the distance we use 47 billion gallons of gasoline. We’d be reducing carbon massively if we used cellulosic resources to provide the ethanol.

Here, we profile 15 techs that offer incremental to profound shifts in the economics of the Gen-1 ethanol fleet, and have implications for everything from passenger cars to jets.


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