Dutch company secures US patent for hydrous ethanol blends between 60% and 95%

September 5, 2016 |

In the Netherlands, SHE Blends BV has been awarded a US patent for high level hydrous ethanol fuel blends between 60% and 95% with an eye on the E85 market. The company already commercializes 15% hydrous ethanol blends at the pump in the Netherlands and has expanded to several other countries as well. Sister company HE Blends has been granted international patent WO 2006/137725 A1 covering its invention and discovery of the practicability of hydrous ethanol as a gasoline blending component. This patent covers ethanol/gasoline blends with from 1% to 50% (by weight) ethanol and from 1% to 10% (by weight) water content. Use of hydrous ethanol for higher percentage blends such as E85 is also subject to additional patent coverage. HE Blends is applying this international patent overage as part of overall efforts to introduce and commercialize hydrous ethanol/gasoline blending in worldwide markets.

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