Scaling up industrial biotech: The Digest’s 2016 Multi-Slide Guide to financing the advanced bioeconomy

November 17, 2016 |

Building a low carbon, bio-based economy through sustainable innovation means scaling up technologies.  And that means financing for scale.

The opportunity is massive. As the OECD wrote in its Bioeconomy 2030 report, “The Bioeconomy will hit its stride in the 2025 – 2030 period with an estimated world market of between USD 2.6 and 5.8 trillion. At that time, bio-chemicals alone will reach 22% – 28% of the potential global chemical market of USD 2.2 trillion.”

Jeff Passmore, whose Passmore Group recently concluded the illuminating Scaling Up Bio conference in Ottawa, gave this presentation on scale-up financing at ABLC Next 2016.


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