Successful PHYCO2 brewery wastewater trials using algae celebrated

February 13, 2017 |

In Michigan, PHYCO2 announced the successful treatment of wastewater from breweries to comply with state water discharge limits for nitrates and phosphates. During Phase 4 of the multiyear trial with Michigan State University, the research of sequestering COfor algae growth has shown that PHYCO2’s algae photobioreactor (APB) can be utilized to treat wastewater through algae growth and cultivation. The treated water can also be reused in the brewery operations.

MSU and PHYCO2 found that the APB can successfully grow pure microalgae with both CO2 emissions from a power plant and from the absorption of nitrates and phosphates from wastewater. Both found in fermentation and distillation manufacturing plants (e.g., breweries, wineries, and spirits company operations). PHYCO2’s APB allows pure microalgae to grow indoors, 24 hours a day, in any geographic location and at any time of the year. The algae developed contained 49 percent protein content and 15 percent lipid content.

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