21 Techs to Watch in 2017 and other hot trends: The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to the State of the Advanced Bioeconomy

March 2, 2017 |

At ABLC 2017 in Washington, the Digest presented its annual State of the Advanced Bioeconomy presentation, including a look at 21 technologies and companies to watch in 2017.

“Opening with our annual industry survey on business confidence, we then highlight 10 key trends we see helping shape the industry,” said Digest editor Jim Lane. “And — as we note the tremendous surge in gas conversion and usage of low-vale waste streams to make a wide range of high-value fuels, chemicals, nutritionals, nutraceuticals — we highlighted 21 companies that are well worth keeping an eye on as they are driving down the input costs through high-technology that targets assets that were previously unrecoverable. These are not the only companies to watch — but definitely ones that caught our eye as we looked at the trend towards fast-dropping feedstock cost. We covered some of this in our story Fracking Biomass — but here we took a more visual route.”

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