The Digest’s 2017 Multi-Slide Guide to Advanced Fermentation 3.0 – The Must Knows

April 6, 2017 |

Now on the one hand you have the theory of alternative fuels, chemicals and materials, then there is the actual making of them — often aiming for exotically high rates, titers and yields in order to meet the ferocious economics demanded by commodity markets used to the cheap and dirty and predicatable oil with nothing living in that conversion process.

In the end, the advanced bioeconomy is about advanced execution and to a great extent that has meant advanced fermentation — and a tremendous body of knowledge acquired by in the practice of fermentation at commercial scale. It’s the practical magic upon which ultimately the industry depends — so what exactly is the state of the the state of the art.

Today we explored that topic in the March Madness webinar, “Advanced Fermentation 3.0 – The Must Knows”. Presenting were two of the most experienced practicioners around. Mark Warner has been a senior engineering leader at signature and fast-tracking companies such as Impossible Foods, Imperium renewables and Solazyme (now TerraVia), and today is the principal of Warner Advisors and his projects have attracted more than $500 million dollars spent on the commercialization of emerging biotechnology process.

Jeff Lievense has 35 years of pioneering and productive leadership in industrial biotechnology. Was the long-time VP of technology and process development at Tate & Lyle during the launch of PDO, later with Amyris when they scaled up their technology from bench through to demo, and finally as the leader of process technology and scale-up at Genomatica. In all, more than a dozen fermentation and chemical projects.

Here are the slides from their presentations.

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