API and RFA fight over RFS with competing consumer polls

April 10, 2017 |

In Washington, the American Petroleum Institute released a new poll showing that consumers are concerned the Renewable Fuel Standard could hurt their pocket books.

Sixty-eight percent of registered voters are concerned about the government requiring increased amounts of ethanol in gasoline and 74 percent agree that federal regulations could contribute to increased costs at the pump, according to the poll.

Other poll results:

  • 70 percent of voters think the use of more corn for ethanol could increase food prices.
  • 59 percent of voters oppose moving the point of obligation to shift the program’s compliance burden, while only 20 percent support such a change.
  • 75 percent of voters are concerned about government requirements that could breach the blend wall.

The Renewable Fuels Association disagrees, however. It says nearly sixty percent of those polled in a recent national survey support the RFS.

The survey, conducted in late March by Morning Consult on behalf of the Renewable Fuels Association, found that 58% of those polled support the RFS, with only 17% of those polled opposed to the RFS, more than 3:1 margin of support for the RFS.

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