Team Biogas launches 2G Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network 

April 30, 2017 |

Team Biogas released the second generation for the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN) website, specializing in BMP (Biomethane Potential) laboratory assays and gas fractioning.

Team Biogas has brought together a selected group of private, commercial and accredited Universities with an emphasis on Applied Research strategically located in the United States and Canada. These specially selected Labs are equipped, trained and managed to provide Standard single or continuous feed lab tests or Custom lab tests meeting customer needs in the areas of Analyses, Elemental Analysis, Bio-solid Packages, Biogas production, pre/post-consumer waste and food production for Anaerobic Digestion.

Team Biogas said it has seen a significant increase in the demand for Gas Fraction testing which was the driving force for adding the numerous scientific information pages. These new pages include detailed definitions for Anaerobic Toxicity Assay (ATA), Specific Methanogenic Activity (SMA), FOS/TAC (Ripley Ratio) and Methanogen Population ID and DNA. To learn more, click on

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