One place, one time, real leaders, real opportunity: looking at ABLC Next 2017

May 17, 2017 |

These days, stakeholders are increasing the pressure on organizations and leaders to bring in investors quickly, leverage partner resources, conserve cash, limit hiring and travel. go capital light, generate cash and convert contacts into customers. It’s a time to “be seen” yet “go lean”.

Yet, there are more molecules under development than ever, and all around the globe. In the advanced bioeconomy, you could fly every day and still not get to every office of every major stakeholder, and never have time left for your actual work of opening doors, developing products and closing deals.

The only solution I have seen work over the years is to have “one-stop shopping”. If everyone could be in one place, at one time — then you have the means of gaining speed and efficiency. Not just a lot of people in one place and time, but the right people.

That’s why we founded ABLC a number of years ago: to transform the efficiency and effectiveness of an industry gathering. At ABLC Next this October you’ll find  key investors, policymakers, technology developers, project developers, service providers strategics, marketing experts, and top counselors are in attendance. So that you can assess the trends and see everyone at one time, and get back to the day job, with a refreshed outlook, honed vision, and a stack of business cards for follow-up.

If there are orders you want to generate, relationships you need to make, partners you need to see, technologies you need to understand, trends you want to assess, investors or investments you hope to secure — I hope you will take the opportunity to join me at ABLC Next. Or, if you are unsure of the specific value to you and your organization, that you’ll reach out to me and ask what we’ll have for you, and talk up your goals, and your needs. Let’s get aligned — there’s no stakeholder engagement without your stakeholders.

We’ll be presenting a set of compelling technologies and services, detail the pricing and demand trends, conduct due diligence on technologies of interest, stage tastings and demonstrations of advanced foods and technologies, and all in the company of real leaders gathered for real dialogue on real opportunity. It’ll be a great few days in San Francisco, and we’re looking froward to serving you there.

The ABLC Next 2017 agenda and event website is here.

Jim Lane
Editor & Publisher, The Digest

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